12 Female Celebrities Who Slept With Their Assistants

The life of a famous celebrity is filled with tons and tons of people. They are surrounded by friends, family, hangers, a mob of paparazzi constantly taking their picture, and a pile of assistants at their beck and call. No matter where they look, celebrities are always surrounded by a big crowd. Willing partners, other sexy celebs, and those ready to party are always readily available. However, many celebrities still battle feeling lonely. It can be difficult for a celeb to separate those who really are their friends from those who are only interested in their name and easily recognizable face; it can make them feel lost in the shuffle. Most of the people who hang around a celebrity will disappear as soon as their fame begins to wane. Not to mention it can be exhausting just being surrounded by people all the time, with camera flashing and people asking questions and being expected to smile and look pretty.

While most celebrities seem to turn to each other for understanding, comfort, sex, and love, some stars aren’t interested in becoming one half of another high-powered Hollywood couple. They avoid getting in relationships or hooking up with others of the same big-name celebrity status, aiming instead for a more blue collar romance. The ladies in this list don’t need a celebrity man to make them feel whole. These A-list ladies look no further than their own assistants, bodyguards, trainers, and even agents to find love and sex!

12. Heidi Klum and Her Sexy Bodyguard
Remember when power couple Heidi Klum and Seal split ties after being married for several years and having four children together? They called it quits when the singer found his wife in bed with her bodyguard, Martin Kristen. The couple of seven years divorced soon after and Klum dated her new boy toy for a 18 months before moving onto Vito Schnabel, an art dealer who was also linked to Demi Moore. The supermodel appears to still be single as of right now, and is happy just to share her life with her four kids.

11. Anne Heche and the Cameraman
Hollywood actress Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres dated for three years, between 1997 and 2000. In 2000, Heche had a rough year; she was arrested then hospitalized when she lost touch with reality and was found wandering around Central Valley, searching for aliens. Also that year, she and DeGeneres had a rocky breakup when it became clear that Heche was cheating on the talk show host with her cameraman Coley Laffoon. Laffoon and Heche got married in 2001, welcomed a son in 2002, and then got divorced when the bisexual actress cheated once again with co-star James Tupper. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

10. Britney Spears and the Choreographer 
If you remember the Justin Timberlake song “Cry Me a River” that was nominated for a bunch of music awards in 2003, you might also remember the scandal that inspired it. Although Britney Spears still denies the allegations, there was a big rumor going around in 2002 that the two megastars broke up because Spears cheated. Her fling was rumored to be with Wade Robson, Timberlake’s choreographer. After the two singers broke it off, Spears began dating another choreographer and dancer named Kevin Federline, who also danced with Timberlake. The couple ended up getting married and having two kids. Maybe the Pop Princess just really loves guys who can dance?

9. Julia Roberts and the Cameraman
 Julia Roberts has been a household name for decades, ever since her big break in the movie Mystic Pizza in 1988. Despite her high-stress celebrity status and the myriad of Hollywood romances she dabbled in when was younger, Roberts has been happily married to her not-so-famous cameraman hubby Danny Moder since 2002. They have three children together: twins Finn and Hazel, and the youngest Henry. The couple met while filming a comedy called The Mexican. They seem to make it work by taking projects together, watching their three kids play sports whenever they can, and by “kissing” a lot. How cute is that?

8. Jessica Alba and the Production Assistant
 Top tier celebrity Jessica Alba was at the top of her game in 2004 and was known to kick around with a hot celebrity or two, including Paul Walker and co-star Scott Caan. That all changed when Alba filmed a little superhero movie in 2004. Cash Warren and Alba met on the set of the Fantastic Four movie where Warren was a production assistant. Somehow, the smoldering Warren managed to catch the sexy actress’ attention. The two have been married since 2008 when the actress became pregnant, and they have two children. The couple enjoys beach vacations and basketball games together. Alba and Warren both run their own businesses and like to spend as much time as they can with their two girls.

7. Denise Welsh and the Younger Party Organizer
 Denise Welsh, actress famed for her role in Loose Women, lost her marriage to a couple of affairs. The actress started seeing her much younger carpenter lover. Her husband Tim found out when she accidentally left a message intended for her fling on his answering machine. The couple battled their way through the obstacles, staying together in spite of the fact that both had been unfaithful. The final blow to their marriage came when Welsh started seeing the party planner. Lincoln Townley, a party animal that liked older women, ended up breaking up Welsh’s marriage. The two got married and both Welsh and Townley have been sober and clean ever since. At least that’s good news!

6. Lady Gaga and Her Assistants
 Jennifer O’Neil, assistant to the stars, is suing Lady Gaga for unpaid overtime as well as personal damages. O’Neil claims that Lady Gaga made her work 24/7, carrying bags that were too heavy for one person to carry, no vacation, and staying with the singer every hour of the day. She claims that it was like being a “slave” (with the exception of the nice parties and $75,000 a year paycheck). But the weirdest part of all of these allegations is that O’Neil claims the crooner made her sleep in her bed with her. O’Neil quotes Gaga as saying that she doesn’t “sleep alone,” to her assistant. Now that O’Neil has left, she’d been replaced by two more assistants. Does she make them sleep with her too? If these allegations are true, Gaga sounds like the creepiest boss of all time.

5. Kristen Stewart and Her Assistant
In 2015, after a very public breakup with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart was rumored as having been seen around town with her new beau. The actress allegedly started dating her assistant, Alicia Cargile. The women were close friends for years, and the wannabe film producer decided to help out her friend by becoming her assistant. They grew closer and closer, until they started dating in 2015. Lately, however, the actress has been sparking rumors lately about getting real cozy with her co-star Nicholas Hoult, so it appears the assistant-dating is over, but the two ladies were so adorable together while it lasted! 

4. Beyonce and the Bodyguard
 Although it was only a rumor, there was quite a bit of words flying around about Beyonce cheating her hubby Jay Z with her bodyguard. In 2014, it looked like the couple was playing to fire bodyguard Julius De Boer amid allegations that Bey wasn’t staying true to her man. The extremely sexy De Boer was rumored to be interviewing candidates for his replacement; it was assumed his leaving was necessary to help keep Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage from falling apart. However, as of 2015, De Boer looked like he was still sticking close to Beyonce. Perhaps there was nothing to the cheating rumor!

3. Reese Witherspoon and the Agent
Reese Witherspoon and hubby Jim Toth have been hinting in the media about a divorce since December 2015, but it wasn’t always so. The CAA Agent and the actress were happily married for several years and welcomed a baby together. Toth works for the actors agency that represents Reese, but Toth was never her agent. Although Reese is the bigger celebrity, Toth is a big deal in Hollywood, representing some big-name clients, like Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. Although the whispers of a divorce are still hanging around the couple, they were seen holding hands in February 2016. Maybe they will or maybe they won’t stick it out.

2. Kim K With the Bodyguard
 Before Kanye or Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian had a long line of lovers. Included in those was soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and producer Damon Thomas. Some of her flings and romances have even made appearances on sex tapes and reality shows. The public just can’t get enough of Kim K getting it on! One of those many lovers was Shengo Deane, a sexy Australian bodyguard, in 2011. Their steamy fling was caught on camera and aired on a very racy episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Kim says she was attracted to the bodyguard because of his Austrian accent and that fact that he is “tall” and “dark.” Sounds dreamy!

1. Princess and the Cavalry
 The royal marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was a train wreck from the start. The couple was never happy and the Prince almost immediately went back to his long time lover, Camilla Parker-Bowles. The Prince had wanted to marry Camilla from the start, but she was never considered good enough for the Prince. Feeling abandoned by her royal husband, the Princess started her own affair with her horse riding instructor, James Hewitt. Hewitt was originally called in to train her young sons on how to ride, but the Princess fell hard for him. They had a five-year relationship that started in 1987. Before Hewitt, there was also a very short affair with bodyguard Barry Mannakee. Diana and Charles separated in 1992, about a year before her death.


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